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Stop tooth decay in its tracks
Repair damage with tooth-colored fillings
Contains no metal
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Our Tooth Fillings Look More Natural

If you have a cavity, our dentists will carefully remove the decay, thoroughly clean the tooth, and fill the area with a natural-looking dental filling. We use materials that are made of a sturdy, tooth-colored resin composite rather than the metal found in older fillings. That’s because resin fillings offer so many benefits.

Natural Appearance

Resin fillings are practically invisible in your mouth. So there’s no gray or black fillings to mar your smile!

less modifications of teeth

Our doctors don’t need to remove as much tooth structure to place a resin filling, so you are less likely to need a more extensive restoration like a dental crown in the future.

no health concerns

Although it’s still inconclusive, some studies have linked the mercury used in amalgam fillings to health problems.

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Our Goal is to Prevent Further Dental Damage

Tooth fillings can save you time, and money in the long run. Small cavities can quickly become much larger areas of decay. If that happens, you’ll end up needing a more complex and costly restoration like a dental inlay or onlay, or even a dental crown.

If we find a cavity during your regular dental exam, in most cases we can go ahead and place a tooth filling at that appointment, saving you from having to schedule a second visit.

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