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Things Just Got Easier. We Can Provide Service to Your Entire Family.

We offer so many services at MacArthur Dental Arts that our dentists should be able to address all of your family’s dental needs. Whether you need your annual dental exam, want to whiten your teeth, or are looking for relief from sleep apnea symptoms, we have you covered.

Not only that, if we discover an unexpected dental issue during your visit, we can usually take care of it that same day. No more clearing your calendar for follow-up visits for things like a filling or a crown!

Several Appointment Days and Times Available

We offer convenient hours to make it easy to schedule appointments for you and your family. We open at 8 a.m. on most weekdays, so you can book a visit before work or school. We also have some Wednesday evening, and Friday morning hours as well. If you call us before noon, one of our doctors will likely be able to see you that same day! And, because we never want you to miss an appointment, we’ll send you digital reminders.

If you’re looking for comprehensive dentistry in Irvine, call us today at 949-251-8544.

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