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Root Canals Don’t Have to Be a Nightmare

When the soft pulpy material inside your tooth becomes infected and inflamed, it often causes a toothache and a root canal is needed to relieve the pain. While most people are afraid of them, root canals are an extremely valuable procedure used to save a decaying tooth. And, the good news is that they can make you feel much better upon completion.

Be Sure You Know the Facts

Should you need a root canal, there will likely be some decisions to make. The usual alternative to a root canal is to have a tooth extraction followed by a dental crown. Our dentists at MacArthur Dental Arts will help you determine which option is right for you, but here are some factors to consider.


While the upfront cost of a root canal is generally more than an extraction, the total cost of an extraction is often higher because you will need to replace the tooth.


We can typically complete root canal therapy in one or two visits of about an hour each. A tooth extraction is quicker, but depending on the tooth replacement you choose, you will need to make several visits to our office.

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