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Standard Denture Wearers Suffer Bone Resorption

Once natural teeth have fallen out or have been removed, there is no longer any pressure stimulation to the boney ridge beneath the gums. Bone production then slows to a halt and the bone begins to deteriorate, giving your face a shrunken or older appearance. It is this shrinkage that causes dentures that once fit perfectly to begin to slip. Even with adjustments or total replacement dentures, bone resorption will continue throughout a denture wearer’s lifetime, eventually making it impossible to even wear conventional dentures.

This is where implant supported dentures become important. Implanted titanium rods behave much the same as natural teeth roots do in that they provide pressure stimulation to your jawbone. This means that you will experience little to none of the bone shrinkage that usually spoils the fit of standard dentures within a couple of years.

Answer these questions to find out if you are suffering bone resorption:
Do your dentures slip when you speak?
Does food get under your dentures when you eat?
Do your old dentures seem to be losing their grip?
Are you just plain tired of dealing with sore gums?

If you found yourself answering yes more than once, you owe it to yourself to call MacArthur Dental Arts at 949-251-8544 to find out a little more about implant supported dentures.

What Does Implant Supported Mean?

The term implant refers directly to a surgical procedure that is performed here in our office. The dental implants are titanium posts that are positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line and they allow your dentist to mount a denture to them. The actual number of implants that you’ll require will depend on what type of denture we will be using, but typically a full arch denture will require 4 to 6 posts.

Number One Advantage of Permanently Implanted Dentures is Stability

Since implant supported dentures, or hybrid dentures as they’re sometimes called, are anchored to the jaw with titanium screws, you never have to worry about them moving around. You’ll no long experience shifting while you speak or chew. And, dentures rubbing on your gums and leaving tender spots will be a thing of the past. Simply put, implant supported dentures stay put.

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